This is the place where the old DN members can talk together.
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It's very important that you read this, this will explain you why Drunkenninjas clan no longer exists.

Let's get to it

Subzero a.k.a. Slim Shady (i think) is one of the reasons why DN no longer exists, actually some of the members left the clan because of him, many of you guys probably won't understand why he could do such an awful thing, well I don't understand it. Well no, i don't hate Subzero at the moment, because i have this feeling that something is wrong since he is doing this, i don't know if you guys hate him and i don't care if you do or not, but let me explain what he did.

7th of November 2009

Subzero gave Mikkel the leadership of DN

8th of November

Subzero took one of the servers from DN

Later that day, he started threatening Mikkel with taking DN servers, which was paid by DONATORS! But of course, Subzero is a "joker" so I thought he was joking of course, but i realized he wasn't. He started saying that he will destroy DN, I said "Why you want to destroy it for so many people?" he said something like "Why not?" I don't get it, for me it sounds like theres something wrong, he has putted so much effort in Drunkenninjas but he still don't care about us? Well he said he wanted to be in Vs3, that's okay for me tho, i don't have anything against them, but I think it was them who made him do it and he will be a member if he did it, he decided to do it, but don't care! I still care about the old DN!

I care about the old DN, that's why i made so we can stay connected, this is not a clan but like a very small Community, i'm sure many of you people don't want to lose your friends from DN, well I don't want to lose you guys as friends, we spend so much time together, played so much together, we have done some things together which I will never forget, and i hope you guys thinks the same. I hope you guys will be active here, so we can stay connected.
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